You have my endless THANKS!  Thank you so much for the lovely lap quilt* you sent to my husband.  It was so thoughtful of you and so very much appreciated.  He likes it very much and uses it all the time.  Sorry I did not acknowledge the gift any sooner.  I am so overwhelmed with his care that it slipped my mind to send a thank you note.”


You will never know how much his service has helped me.  It allows me to get a night’s sleep once in a while so that I am able to take care of Maxie for a little longer.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Forever greatful, Dorothy

On behalf of my brother and myself, I am writing to express our gratitude for the grant our mother recently received.  The grant allowed us to get mom enrolled in an adult day health care center, which has given her some much needed social contact and us some much needed peace.  Thank you so much for the support you provided to families dealing with this horrible disease.”


I can’t express adequately how much I have appreciated the grant – it helped so much.  My daughters, in their concern, continually urge me to get more help and take more time off.  Many thanks for your caring and generosity.”


This is the very last money my mother had when she passed away.  I feel it only appropriate to send it to an organization that my help another wonderful mother from suffering this horrible disease.  Thank you for helping in every way you can.”


God bless everyone that has given money and time for such a merciful service – I went to the store for groceries, a dress shop (bought a dress I will need later) – Payless Shoe Store (for what we know will be) – took care of the service that was my responsibility, made a trip to a school, all of these were very important – thank you, he is worth more than I can pay, you helped me so much!”

Thank you again and again, Mary

Thanks to you for such wonderful concern for all persons like me.  You made it possible that I went to doctors, stores, even a Sunday service with my son and daughter.”


Thank you for the informative program on Alzheimer’s disease you presented to our women’s group.  The work of you organization is a great help to families providing care to Alzheimer’s patients”


Thank you so much for coming and speaking to our group on Alzheimer’s disease.  This is an important topic to us and your information was well received.”


Just wanted to thank you for the respite care.  It means so much to me.  Also the quilt* that was sent to mother, I cried when I opened the package.  Some days I feel like everyone has forgotten about mother but me.  Since she is in a wheelchair, the quilt will sure come in handy and she loves the birds on it.”

Thank you so much, Debbie

Thank you for sending me the hand made lap quilt*.  I will enjoy its warmth often.”


Thank you and Alzheimer’s Arkansas for your generous grant.  I was able to enjoy a free weekend – the first in 5 years!”


I wish to thank you for the grant that you awarded me for attorney fees.  It was very much needed and appreciated.  It helped me to get the durable power of attorney, a quick claim of my house, a living will, etc.  It also helped me to get my husband into Medicaid.  This is such a hard disease to cope with, mentally, physically and financial.  This organization is doing so much.  I will forever be grateful for your help.”


Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate this program.  We were able to be gone from home for some rest and not worry about my mother-in-law’s care.”

Thank you, Earline

On behalf of my mother, I thank you for the grant for respite care.  The grant has allowed my 89 year old mother to attend church functions and thus stay connected with friends.  This month my father, who is 92 years old has become completely unable to walk, and the funds allowed her to hire someone to move, toilet and feed him.  My mother, sister and I are very grateful to the Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services for this grant.”



Thank you for the grant.  It helped a lot.  He is in the first part of the 3rd or final stage and it is hard to deal with.  He is still able to enjoy the adult day care which gives me a few hours to go to the grocery store.  Just for a few hours alone or with a friend is so refreshing and vital.”

Thank you again, Dorothy

Thank you for the pamphlet “Good Grief”.  Although we may think we can deal without talking to anyone it is great to receive a letter from you and this pamphlet.  Thank you for your kind words.  As of recently, I have passed on information regarding Alzheimer’s Arkansas to a dear friend of my sister whose mother is dealing with Alzheimer’s for support and other information that might be helpful to her through your organization.  Even though she participates in your walks, she was not aware of some of the programs which you offered, so hopefully even though dealing with my Mother through this disease process and her passing I am able to continue to offer my help in some way.”


Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful thing you do.  Hope for the Future was wonderful and we look forward to it very year.  As I read the “Caregiver’s Courier” (another wonderful thing and great help) I find comfort in knowing someone else gets it!


 *Alzheimer’s Arkansas has distributed 128 Lap Quilts that have been donated by the QUEST Quilt Guild of Arkansas

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