Hope Caregiver Workshops

Hope Caregiver Workshops are annual events held in cities throughout the state through which we provide FREE education, training, and support.  These workshops provide family and professional caregivers with general information regarding Alzheimer’s disease and its progression, tools, knowledge, and techniques to improve caregiving skills. Additionally, attendees will receive information about resources available to caregivers and Alzheimer’s patients through vendor exhibits. It is through the assistance of local community partners we provide these workshops!

Through programs like the Hope Caregiver Workshops, we are able to fulfill our mission, which is to help family caregivers in Arkansas whose loved ones are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.  Caregivers will be able to add new “tools” to their “caregiver toolbox”, which can lead to improved care and quality of life for their loved ones as well as themselves.