Monthly Giving

How monthly giving helps

Monthly Giving provides a convenient way to make a lasting difference for caregivers. Through your monthly gift, you are providing caregivers with the tools and resources they need to be successful in their caregiving journey.  Learn more about how your gift helps!


When you pledge a monthly gift, you are ensuring a lasting impact for caregivers.  


Your monthly gift means lower administrative costs.  That means more of your gift goes directly to services! 


Your monthly gift means more to a caregiver than you know. A  gift isn’t just providing services or paying the bills. You are impacting someone’s life in a meaningful way. 

“In 2014 my wife Mary was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. I struggled with that diagnosis and spent a lot time going around Pulaski county looking at assisted living facilities. I knew I did not want to put her in assisted living.  I encountered Alzheimer’s Arkansas support group at UAMS at the Reynold’s Geriatric center and sat in on it.  From that point on, I had a big reliance on Alzheimer’s Arkansas to help me through this.  About 4 years ago, in discussing things with Alzheimer’s Arkansas, I was able to find a place that was able to assist me and Mary to get through this difficult transition from normal life to being an Alzheimer’s caregiver.

If you are a caregiver, and that is what Alzheimer’s Arkansas is all about, all these services are absolutely free. If they do not know the answer, they can put you in touch with someone who does.  I have been absolutely delighted by able to keep Mary home with me for the past 4 years. It’s not a challenge even but it’s been very rewarding.”

$5 a month

A gift of $5 a month helps provide one lunch and learn including covering the cost of care while the caregiver attends.

$10 a month

A gift of $10 a month helps provide training and support for support group facilitators. 

$15 a month

A gift of $15 a month helps cover the cost of a caregiver to attend a Hope Caregiver Workshop including care for their loved one.

$20 a month

A gift of $20 a month helps provide one week of our 24/7 caregiver hotline.

$25 a month

A gift of $25 a month helps increase our outreach and programming for caregivers.

$30 a month

A gift of $30 a month helps provide one Family Assistance Program Grant.

In 2019 we provided…

Caregiver Grants given in
Monthly support groups held
Caregiver calls to the hotline
Lunch and learns
Hope Caregiver Workshops

Monthly Giving by Check

Monthly giving is easy and convenient. To start a monthly gift by check, simply download this form, mark monthly gift, and mail it back in with your check! 

2020 Monthly Giving Form