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The Alzheimer’s Arkansas Carebinder is a great way to stay organized and track important information about your loved one. This binder was designed by a caregiver for caregivers. You’ll find in this binder pages that help you track medications, start discussions on end of life care, keep up with emergency information, track the location of important documents, financial planning tools, etc. You can print the entire binder or can just print the pages you need.

Download the full binder here
Download specific pages here

Memory Book

A Memory Book  provides a record of the individual’s personal history. This can be especially helpful as the disease progresses and memory loss increases. The goal of this manual is to provide ideas for activities that will be both interesting and stimulating to the person with dementia. In addition, the activities can be rewarding and fulfilling for the caregiver.

Download the Memory Book Information (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness

Having an emergency plan is always a great idea. It is particularly important to have a plan when you live with someone who has dementia. This article is a compilation of information from several different sources.

Download Emergency Preparation Information (PDF)


Cold weather is very risky for older people in general, but especially those who have Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. The winter chill can also lower the temperature inside your body. That can be deadly if not treated quickly. This drop in body temperature, often caused by staying in a cool place for too long, is called hypothermia (hi-po-ther-mee-uh).

Download Hypothermia Information (PDF)

Summer Heat Precautions

High temperatures and humidity can combine to create deadly conditions. This is especially true for high‐risk populations such as the very young, the elderly and the people weakened by chronic illness or other health conditions. It is compounded in people with dementia who are unable to dress appropriately for the weather.

Download Summer Heat Precautions (PDF)