The Alzheimer’s Arkansas Carebinder

By : Gigi Gabriel- Education and Outreach Manager Care binder? What is it, how can we use it, do we need it, is it worth the effort?  I don’t recall such a thing existing 10 years ago when I first became a caregiver. All I had was a notebook and a folder filled with notes […]

Technology and Caregiving

Technology is constantly changing and improving our lives. For personal caregivers, there are many technological advances that can help give peace of mind. To help you get started, we did some research to help learn about how you can incorporate technology to assist with caregiving. Not every option may be useful, and technology is not […]

A Reminder from Alzheimer’s Arkansas

WE can solve our caregiver’s problems. WE cannot cure Alzheimer’s disease, prevent or slow Alzheimer’s disease down. But WE can and WE do solve our caregiver’s problems. HOW? A Caregiver needs to take a break – our grant money makes that break possible. A Caregiver needs to keep their loved ones home as long as […]

Family Caregiver Support Program

Alzheimer’s Arkansas is pleased to provide you with information about the 2016-2017 Family Caregiver Support Program grant.  Funding for this program is provided by the Older Americans Act, National Family Caregiver Support Program Title IIIE Funds.  These funds were awarded to CareLink (the Central Arkansas Area Agency on Aging) for distribution throughout the six counties […]

Bravery by Priscilla Pittman, MSW, MA

Think about your favorite movie. Chances are the main character, the hero in that movie, probably faced a challenge that seemed insurmountable. What makes a hero is facing that insurmountable challenge and finding a way to do something, anything to meet it. Heroes are brave. People diagnosed with dementia and their caregivers are brave. There […]

Swallowing Problems: Tips for Patients and Families

by Priscilla Pittman, MSW, MA Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services Swallowing is a complex motor function and, therefore, may be affected by some chronic illnesses. The process begins unconsciously as the amount of saliva increases in the mouth when we see food. Then, the food is taken into the mouth where it is chewed and […]