It is Easier to Give Than it is to Receive

by Priscilla Pittman, MSW, MA Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services   Do we participate in a community group or attend a particular church or temple and enjoy doing for others?  Providing time and effort for others whether or not we know them is a rewarding experience. But we really don’t like to have needs or […]


By Priscilla Pittman, MSW, MA   Opinionator…Wow! The computer doesn’t like that word. But we all have opinions don’t we.  This time of year we only seem to hear political opinions and unless we have the time to do a fact check we may turn a deaf ear to those as well. A number of […]

The 8 R’s in Alzheimer Care

ROUTINE will help someone with AD anticipate what to do next and what is expected of them. It sets boundaries that feel secure. RITUALS or lifelong habits should be maintained. Don’t try to break old habits. For example, if the individual never enjoyed crafts, don’t expect to involve him/her in crafts now. REASSESS physical health […]

Why does my elderly parent sleep all day?

By Carol Bradley Bursack As people age, they tend to sleep more lightly and often awaken during the night from achy joints or the need to go to the bathroom. Many people compensate for this lost sleep by catching a restorative nap during the day. That’s normal. Daytime sleeping becomes a problem when an elder […]

Care for Caregivers When Friendships Faulter

by Dan Kuhn, A.C.S.W (Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center)   Those who care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder are most fortunate if they enjoy the sustained support of others through-out the long course of the disease. Even the closest relationships may be tested to the limits in such difficult circumstances. A […]

Sleep Problems

by: Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) Duke University Medical Center   “My husband used to get up often at night and was very confused. I finally got him to rest in his recliner in front of the TV and he calmed down and fell asleep. He seems to feel more secure […]